a new era
for loudspeakers

TU-Delft - 2020
Advanced Embodiment Design
Winner National James Dyson award
Team partners : Rick Cazemier, Emilio De Jonghe, 
Thor Gerard, Dimitri Seleridis, Martin Steffner

A Yes! -Delft start-up has developed an innovative technology to convert a flat glass surface into a sound-generating diaphragm. As a proof of concept, we a team of industrial design students were asked to implement this technology in a home audio product that could compete with high-end loudspeakers. The project stretched from the concept phase to the embodiment of a looks, works-like-real prototype.

With this project, we saw an opportunity to question not only the working principle of existing loudspeakers but also the materiality and reparability of consumer electronics. In addition to delivering a desirable home-audio product, we were therefore passionate about focusing on sustainability by striving for a highly repairable and long-lasting product.


Project video

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